The Congress Of Policy Debate

A very readable introduction to the Congress Of Policy Debate, which presents the details of its purposes, structure, operations, and administration.

The need for the Congress is shown by sketching past failures of the executive, legislative and judicial branches to consider and debate the viewpoints that would have prevented disasters, and strong arguments of the voices of reason that policy debate is the best solution.

This book is a very compact and persuasive prescription for reform of policy making institutions, offering a peaceful and rational solution to the most difficult national and international issues.

For further information available at the site of the Congress, click on this link.

The CPD is mandated to conduct studies and moderated textual debates of policy issues in all regions, protecting and challenging all viewpoints, without winners or conclusions, and to provide public access to debate summaries, with moderated commentary and self-tests. It is an essential resource for good citizens, substantially improving available information and argument on policy options, making clear the options so often obscured in crisis situations, often revealed too late to prevent disasters.

The CPD will also conduct dramatized in-person debates based upon the text debates, to assist those unwilling to read text debates, but without the posturing and rhetoric of most in-person debates, and without winners or forced conclusions.