The National Memorial

The fate of thousands of orphans hangs in the balance as a family struggles to advance their international project against the wishes of local leaders. A humorous and witty adventure among scoundrels and humanitarians, politicians and teachers, judges and assassins, skeptics and optimists. A gripping story of challenge and action, love and family, scheming and courage in a Maine mill town rocked by scandal. Can the institutions of democracy save the lives of thousands of children?

Can we make a better world with love and education, or must we throw off corruption in politics and the mass media to make progress? This intriguing tale of intelligent and courageous humanitarians, and their struggle to defend their work against the forces that tear apart civilizations, explores the limits and the power of sympathy and love to build and rebuild noble lives. It is a story of the nourishment of family and community, the tragedies that lead to unexpected joy, rejuvenation through rediscovery, and the magic of love that endures.

Reviewers praise The National Memorial:

“Great book. This is a powerful story… very interesting… action, humor… makes the reader feel a range of emotions… Barth has a gift… the reader knows exactly what his characters are thinking… not the type of book you will forget.”
– Reader’s Favorite review no. 1 – five stars

“Keeps the reader intrigued… fascinating, complex, and well-developed characters … stories interweave seamlessly… literary, lyrical, and thoughtful… readers savor the words and the situations and especially character development… a complex and unique fight for justice.”
– CreateSpace editors

“The National Memorial… pits a crusader for a better world against…a dysfunctional society that reacts with aggression… a wide spectrum of… perspectives… multi-faceted characters… the book’s underlying message will leave you with plenty of food for thought.”
– Reader’s Favorite review no. 2 – five stars

“Sweeping in scope and Dickensian in ambition… a thoughtful look at larger issues… in one small and conflicted town… and the project that divides its citizens… many different… points of view… Barth sets up each scene nicely, juggling the large cast and themes with clarity.”
“This poignant literary thriller… makes the subject of parentless children compellingly…contemporary… well-rounded characters with complex motives… poetic word choice.”
– Foreword Clarion Reviews – five stars

“The National Memorial… is a gripping tale of… wit, love and courage… the fight for democracy… to gain justice… both evocative and humorous, just the right mix… a very well constructed plot.”
– Reader’s Favorite review no. 3 – five stars

“Great book… inspiring… interwoven in a beautiful, thought-provoking way… complex and compelling… brilliantly depicted handful of dreamers… a remarkable feat… a must have for any bookshelf.”
– Reviews

“This is a very interesting book… a story full of challenging life, love, family and action … good for everyone… a book that makes you question [and] keeps you entertained…”
– Reader’s Favorite review no. 4 – five stars


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